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Welcome to Van Wickler Law, PLLC. Family law cases are often emotionally and legally complex. An experienced family attorney can advise you about the best course of action for you. Our team of legal professionals is committed to aggressive representation and exceptional client services. Our Scottsdale family law practice is comprehensive. We represent clients in a wide range of cases, including divorce & child custody. We meet all your needs with specialized services in complex custody and asset division matters.

We are confident that our boutique law practice will meet your legal needs in a professional manner which exceeds all expectations. Whether through negotiations, private mediation or in the courtroom, we use specialized legal expertise and strategized approach to litigation planning to help our clients achieve their goals.

Whether you require full representation for family litigation or simply desire to secure legal information specific to your circumstances, our staff of experienced professionals have the cutting edge knowledge and training necessary to secure optimal results.

If you are looking for divorce lawyers or family lawyers in the Scottsdale area, we encourage you to read more about our practice and our divorce lawyer on our website. Please contact our office for answers to your questions or to schedule an appointment with our divorce attorney. Our team works with our clients to help them navigate the often confusing process beginning with their first telephone call to our office.

Words from our Clients

Michelle G.

Tracey Van Wickler is absolutely excellent. She is prompt, responsive and gets things done for her clients. I was so happy with Tracey's level of legal expertise and excellence. I referred my mother to her and will refer Tracey as much as possible in the future.

Bob S.

I highly recommend Tracey Van Wickler. In addition to extensive family law and financial expertise and experience, Tracey provides a very high level of professional attention and care. I always felt well represented and in good hands. Tracey’s guidance was extremely important as I tried to navigate my way through a very difficult and personal legal process. Thank you very much, Tracey.

Walt B.

Unfortunately, when a family is blindsided with divorce, the most important part is the children. Tracey Van Wickler and her staff helped me and my children stay focused on the issues, without allowing me to get off track, and continued to keep the focus on economics and the rights of myself as well as the children; especially while maneuvering our way through the problems and distractions created by the attorney on the other side. Relationships (or the end of one) can be very emotional and making sure that we understand our rights, the facts as well as what's irrelevant in the big picture, is a must. Tracey and her team worked together, when needed, and even collaborated, to make sure they had every aspect of my case covered and the best positions covered and protected. This was done daily, and without hesitation, with strength when needed, to protect every aspect of me, my children, my assets and the rights of my prenuptials. Just as important, they also made sure I wasn't involved in the small stuff, and my children were protected in every situation.

Michael G.

I feel that Tracey Van Wickler is certainly one of the best family lawyers around. She is logical, intelligent, and truly cares about her clients. Tracey always does what is in the client’s best interest, does it well, timely and with integrity. She is good at keeping her clients informed as to what is going on and clear in her communication both written and verbally. I have recommended Tracey to other people and will continue to recommend her. I recommended Tracey to someone who was having issues with their ex-wife and his response was, “I know how good she is because I went up against her and she ate me for lunch”. This same person was so impressed with her, he even recommended her to someone else, WOW, that is impressive! I am exceptionally happy with her attention to detail, her ability to explain things in ways that are easy to understand, as well as her ability to keep everyone focused on the most important things. I would recommend Tracey to anyone who may be in need of her services.

Elbert H.

Mrs. Van Wickler was an incredible attorney for me. She kept me well informed about the whole process. She made it a very comfortable and non-stressful event. She was very professional in everything she did. I have recommended her to multiple friends and family.

John S.

Tracey Van Wickler has represented me in my marriage dissolution. My wife and I have a child in common. Tracey has provided very professional and responsive counsel. From day one she expressed her desire to settle prior to our trial date, which we did. She was extremely professional and attentive to my needs. Almost every time I called to speak with her at her office, she was available. She gave me fair legal advice and representation and was prompt on any situation that came up prior to the settlement. I would highly recommend Tracey and staff to anyone looking for an honest and fair attorney. She works hard to minimize conflict and find resolution. She has my highest recommendation in the area of family law.

Susan R.

I worked with Tracey. She always was a prompt person and I always felt she gave us urgent advice when needed. Going through a divorce is very stressful but I always felt she was there both emotionally and intellectually. I would recommend Tracey to any one that I know.

Aaron H.

Tracey Van Wickler has represented us in our custody and child support issues for 2 years and has been very successful getting the courts to see things fairly and get them to hold parties accountable to court orders. Tracey has been exceedingly accommodating and helpful as my involvement in the military can complicate my availability for hearings and she has gotten the courts to allow me to phone into hearings. The other party in my case fails to follow court orders but Tracey has gotten new judges in the case to consider past rulings and current status' every step of the way. The lawyer I was using previously wouldn't press anything and when court orders weren't followed would shrug it off and we got few results.